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Economie comportementale pour private banking / Behavioral economics for private banking


Behavioral Finance for Private Banking
two days seminar



This seminar aims to create a better understanding of investor’s behavior with the help of the latest researches in the field of investment and psychology.



This interactive two days coaching seminar uses a multidisciplinary approach to bring better communication spin and client retention, to increase collaboration between clients related staff and compliance, to invest portfolios with a systematic method. According to a KPMG/Skt-Gallen University study, as clients demand a better say in investments decisions, it is critical that CRMs understand wealth management and behavioral finance theory, tailored to particular client segments

During this seminar, participants will work on the following modules:


• Private banking Business Today
• Behavioral Theory and history
• Life Focused Planning versus Money focused
• Personality and effects on investing
• The role of Emotions on investing
• Behavioral biases
• Risk profiling
• Product design
• Dynamic Asset Allocation
• Structured Wealth Management Process
• Stress management
• Conclusions


Performance indicators

• Higher communication spin and client retention will result from the better knowledge of clients decisions processes.
• Better collaboration between client related staff and compliance employees when client's profiles are done methodically using a “behavioral” questionnaire.
• Accountability will improve at every level thanks to systematic integration of “client’s behavioral profiles” and the correspondent “optimal portfolio”.

Program overview




Creative and reflective exercises encouraging collaboration and interaction among participants. Targeting team spirit, this fun activity alternates between group and sub-group exercises.

At the end of each exercise a debriefing allows participants to apply their knowledge to the following activity.


This multidisciplinary approach aims to bring better communication spin and client retention, to increase collaboration between employees, to develop a systematic method from client identification to portfolios investment.



The seminar is designed for client advisors and financial planners from banks, pension funds and family offices.

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited to 20 allowing close interaction between the participants and the speakers. A minimum of 6 is also required.

Skills & performance

Behavioral finance knowledge – identifying irrational decisions - client’s risk profile - wealth management process.


Fabrice Frigerio

Lecturer of financial economics at IFGP/Geneva Business School


Juan Carlos Martin

Life Coach, Workshop leader and qualified hypnotherapist, NLP specialist


Confirmation of participation issued by IFGP


IFGP/GBS, Ch. de la Voie-Creuse 16, 1202 Genève,
Phone +41 22 906 94 94 / +41 22 839 44 49, Fax: +41 22 839 44 45,



Two days from 9 to 12am and 13 to 18pm, to be defined at your convenience.


On your company’s premises


The course fee for each participant, covering tuition, course materials, travel expenses and accommodation have to be covered by your company. The fee amount depends on the number of participants, please contact us for a detailed offer.


To register, fill in the registration form and return it to us after agreeing on seminar dates. The registration can be cancelled within 10 days after receiving the definite admission at no charge. For later cancellations there will be no refund.